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Student Membership


Live Better Membership

Please note - this is regardless of the date you join and is non-refundable.

Membership funds are used to purchase sports gear, resources, equipment, Class Materials  & additional assistant support, Camps, Events.

Children of volunteers or families experiencing financial hardship  have no membership fee.

For families experiencing financial hardship & struggling to cover costs, please email us. 


Live Better is a member-based organisation. Although you do not have to be a member to enroll in our one off classes.
there are many benefits to becoming a member.(Kids club, SIYG for Youth , Multi sports, camps, events)

The membership fee are currently set annually at $20 for the first child, $40 for a family.


Member only Option

Option A (Period : for 1 YEAR)

1 Jan 2024 - 30 Dec 2024 

1 Child (age 5-18) $20 

Option B (Period : for 1 YEAR)

1 Jan 2024 - 30 Dec 2024 

Family (age 5-18) $40

Option C ( Period: for 1 TERM)
- Child (age 5-18) $5 

Option D ( Period: for 1 TERM)

- Family (age 5-18) $10


Activity Fee for non-member

Option E   (One off session )

: $2 for each activity


* Please read before applying for Live Better Membership

  • FAQ:

    1. How to sign up the Membership?
    you can sign up on the membership registration page or select the membership payment option when registering for a program, you will be automatically registered as a member.
    You can make payments via bank transfer without any remittance fees

    2. where can I get a reference number?
    After application done, order ID will be provided  by comfirmation email.

         3.  Deposit account information

         BNZ / 02- 0316-0652830-001 / Live Better

         Note: Please be sure to include a reference(Order id: ---------), when you transfer money.

         -If payment is not made, the order will be automatically canceled
         - If the order is wrong, please place the order again. 

  • Contact us


Contact Policy
Live Better K-centre keeps records of all contact or attempts to make contact, with the student's family, for a minimum period of one year.

Photos/video may be used in a range of Live Better K-centre or Live Better K-centre-supported promotional materials, such as print and electronic media of Live Better, including websites.

Attendance Policy
Any member who fails to attend two of the seven weeks of activities during the term and has not been excused from absence shall be subject to membership termination.

If a member does not attend frequently after registering for the program, or fails to attend without reasonable cause at least 1 day before the start of the event or activity, he/she will not be able to attend events operated by Live Better. Your activities as a member may be restricted in the future.

Unexplained absences, No reasonable excuse provided
If a parent does not contact Live Better K-centre to provide an explanation prior to the day of the student's absence or has not provided a reasonable excuse, shall be subject to membership termination.

Members may request an excused absence by Phone or send an email ( to Live Better  Office.

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